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Making Them Laugh: Standup Comedy Through the Years

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Standup comedy is an art form that entertains people and makes them laugh till their stomach aches. It has been a staple in the United States for a number of decades, and New Jersey has played a pivotal role in its development. Let’s take a look at how standup comedy has kept us laughing through the years.


Standup originated in the USA in the early 19th century. It could be seen in variety shows, monologues, and other types of acts. The spread of the urban lifestyle led to the development of the standup routine we see today. A fast delivery combined with witty jokes involving innuendos and stereotypes soon became the norm. Standup was particularly popular in night clubs and resorts, where crowds would gather to be entertained.


The art of the standup routine has developed throughout the decades. The historic Count Basie theater is a landmark in NJ where many standup comedians performed. In modern times, it still hosts a range of comedians, and it is an ever-present part of New Jersey. In the 70s through to the 90s, we saw a wide variety of comedic styles. People got to see the whimsical stylings of Robin Williams, the potent observational comedy of Jerry Seinfield, and the hilarious impersonations of Eddie Murphy. All of these comedians played a role in developing the comedians that we see today. The development of standup occurred through different mediums such as TV, local theatres, and many other establishments. Standup is an art-form that brings people together and allows them to have a good laugh at society. In certain aspects, it continues to be a rather underappreciated performance genre. Nevertheless, there is room for optimism when considering the future of standup comedy.


Standup continues to evolve and remains an ever-present part of the culture. In the future, we can expect routines to become even more outlandish. Comedians have also been forced to adjust their approach for a new generation. Millennials have lower attention spans, which means it takes more to sustain their awareness. The rise of political correctness and certain cultural tendencies have also played in part in changing the nature of standup. Subgenres of standup continue to branch out, and political comedy is one area that has seen real growth in recent years. In the future, we can expect even more creativity as the latest generation of standup stars try to cater to an audience that was born with Youtube in their palms.

New Jersey is a state that has played a focal role in the development of standup comedy. The iconic Count Basie theater has been a center of creativity for decades. Truly, NJ is a state where many talented comedians have been able to thrive, and it is no wonder that it continues to be a city that attracts many creatives. It is also no surprise that many people dream of living in New Jersey. To find your ideal home in NJ, you need a real estate team that is reliable and has a good knowledge of the local area. You can depend on me, Colleen Meyler, for a smooth buying process. Contact me on 732.995.5102 or Email me at ColleenMeyler(at)gmail(dotted)com.