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The Cost of a New Jersey Lifestyle

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When it comes to cost of living, not all states are created equal. It should come as no surprise that life is pricier in coastal states than it is in middle America – and New Jersey is no exception. However, there are a lot of great advantages that make living in New Jersey highly desirable.

What makes it worthwhile

New Jersey is such a popular place to live that it is the most densely populated state in America. And for good reason: New Jersey is home to beautiful beaches and a world-famous boardwalk. Its rural farmland is a source of fresh local produce, albeit mostly in summer. It is also a stone’s throw away from Manhattan.

Princeton University, the Ivy League institution renowned for academic excellence and high-profile alumni including literary giant F. Scott Fitzgerald, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, maintains its campus in New Jersey. Princeton is not the only choice for higher education in the state. Check out the other Best Colleges in New Jersey.

When it comes to academic standards in elementary and secondary schools, New Jersey sets the bar as well. The state’s school districts outshine their counterparts in other states, with students who consistently exceed national averages on standard tests and SAT scores.


Thanks to a booming economy, New Jersey offers better employment opportunities. The Garden State has the 10th highest per capita GDP in the US at $62,385, compared to the overall per capita GDP of the US, which stands at $56,968 as of 2018.

In addition to good jobs and great schools, residents have access to museums, parks, and areas of cultural interest as well as the world-famous sights of nearby Manhattan.


New Jersey has an excellent public transportation system, and many New Jersey residents choose to forego owning a car in favor of the public transit system. The highly efficient transit system saves people from the stress of traffic and long freeway commutes as well as the cost of car repairs, car payments and yes, fuel.

Homes for sale in New Jersey

On the downside, you may be looking at buying homes at a steeper price point and paying higher property taxes in New Jersey than in the rest of the US. And if you aren’t ready to buy, be prepared to pay about $300 dollars more per month than the national rental average. Expect groceries and other sundry items to cost a bit more, too, along with utilities.

The cost of living in New Jersey, however, is nothing compared to what awaits – better opportunities and a higher quality of life for you and your family.

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