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What’s With the Migration Influx From NY to NJ?

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In the past, there used to be a notion that NY was the cooler big brother of NJ. However, in recent times NJ appears to be stealing the spotlight. There has been a significant migration influx from NY to NJ, which has left many New Yorkers confused. However, long-time NJ residents already know too well of the fantastic benefits that come with living in this fabulous state. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why New York residents are flocking to New Jersey.

Ideal Location

New Jersey City isn’t that far away from Manhattan. This means that NYC residents don’t have to leave for good. The prime location of NJ means that it is easy to visit New York. Additionally, it is also near many beaches, hiking locations, and many beautiful small towns. In New Jersey, there is a fine balance between the fast-paced urban lifestyle and the quieter suburban scene.


Rents are sky-high in NYC, and for many people, they have become unaffordable in recent years. In comparison, the rental market and house buying market in NJ remains steady. Prices continue to spike up, and many residents have had enough. NJ offers a high-standard of living at a much more affordable cost. This makes it more ideal in the long-term, and many people come to the state to settle down.

More Peaceful Lifestyle

New York is the city that never sleeps. This can be fun for a while, but the novelty soon wears off. The fast-paced city lifestyle of New York can be attractive, but the excess noise and crowds soon begin to take their toll. NJ also offers a fantastic urban city experience, but it is far more laid-back and peaceful. People spend more time with their families, and they appear to be more relaxed in general. This is partly due to needing to worry less about the bills. But, it is also due to the wonderful green spaces that are seen in abundance throughout NJ.

Rather than being stuck in traffic or swarmed with tourists, NJ residents can take a beach walk after work. They can go hiking on the weekend, and in general, they tend to have more free time to pursue their hobbies. It is no wonder why so many people are beginning to see the lifestyle benefits of living in NJ.

Excellent Transportation

It is easy to get around in NJ. There are many excellent transport links throughout the state and also connecting to NYC. For some residents of NJ, it can actually be quicker to get to Manhattan in comparison to those who live in the boroughs of New York. Inter-state travel is efficient and also affordable. There are also regular buses which run throughout the state. In comparison, the traffic in NYC can be extreme during peak times and it can be hard to get anywhere quickly.

It clearly is no surprise that so many people are moving from NY to NJ. NJ offers an exciting lifestyle that is far more affordable. It is also fantastic for long-term living and ideal for raising a family. When looking for real estate in New Jersey, you need a professional that knows the area better than anyone. You can depend on me, Colleen Meyler, to find your ideal home in NJ. Contact me on 732.995.5102 or Email me at [mail_to email=””][/mail_to].