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Castles in New Jersey? Yes, they’re real!


You don’t need to fly across oceans to see castles in real life. Living in New Jersey keeps you close to magnificent palaces that you can visit when you go sightseeing around the Garden State. It’s one of the reasons why the location is a favorite among homebuyers with children, as well as grown-ups with a keen interest in history.

Wondering where you could find breathtaking castles near your home? Here are three of the most storybook-worthy and historic attractions in New Jersey for families:

Iviswold Castle

231 Montross Avenue, Rutherford

Take a stroll through the Felician University at One Felician Way in Rutherford and chance upon this quaint building. Originally constructed in 1869 as a two-story home, this structure was transformed into an elegant three-story mansion in 1887 when David Brinkerhoff Ivison, then-president of the American Book Company, purchased the property.

The castle changed owners several times after Ivison’s death in 1903. In 1942, Iviswold became the founding classroom space for Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey’s largest private college today.

Iviswold was acquired by Felician University in 1997 and was painstakingly restored for more than a decade. It eventually reopened its doors to the administrative and student body in 2013.

Princeton University’s Blair Hall


This iconic dormitory was built in 1897 on the Ivy League campus. Its picturesque appearance features the signature Collegiate Gothic style of architects, Cope & Stewardson.

One of the most recognizable parts of this building is the Blair Arch, which is located at the juncture of Blair and Buyers Halls. It used to be the gateway to and from a train station but now, thanks to its exceptional acoustics, it serves as a performance hall for students. Freshmen sing at the steps of this hall at the beginning of the academic year, while seniors perform here before their graduation.

Lambert Castle

3 Valley Road, Paterson

Silk mill owner Catholina Lambert had this New Jersey landmark built in 1892. The impressive structure—then known as “Belle Vista”—was visited by several prominent people, including President William McKinley. Here, Lambert showcased his prized collection of European and American paintings and sculptures.

After the original owner passed, the Lambert property was sold to the City of Paterson and was eventually transferred to the Passaic County Park Commission. It was turned into a museum and library by the Passaic County Historical Society in 1934 and was awarded the Castle Landmark Designation in 1976. A restoration project worth $5 million commenced in 1995 and the castle was officially reopened in September 2000.

Other breathtaking castles in New Jersey

These historic landmarks now serve a variety of purposes, among them, museums, event venues, office buildings, and even luxury apartment complexes.

  • Alnwick Hall (Morris Township)
  • Breidenhart Castle (Moorestown)
  • Doric House Museum (Flemington)
  • The Emlen Physick Estate (Cape May)
  • Glynallyn Castle (Morristown)
  • Merriewold Castle (Highland Park)
  • Skylands Manor (Ringwood)
  • Smithville Mansion (Eastampton)

There are many more attractions that you can explore once you invest in real estate in Colts Neck, NJ. Learn all about them from Colleen Meyler, a trusted Monmouth County Realtor with over 30 years of experience. Get in touch with her today at 732.995.5102 or ColleenMeyler(at)gmail(dotted)com.

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