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Are new construction homes worth it?


Anyone who’s ready to settle down and lay their roots will likely come across this question, “Should I buy an existing home or build my own from the ground up?”

Now, one of the most common notions out there is that a new construction is a lot cheaper than an old one. However, this is demonstrably false. In fact, according to studies, the former is actually more expensive by 20 percent. Not only that, it will also take you longer to move into your new home, since you have to account for construction time.

It’s easy to imagine moving into a newly constructed house that no one has lived in before—everything is brand new, and every detail stems from your idea of what the perfect home should be. On the other hand, buying an existing home can seem like you’re taking over someone else’s dream home.

So if you’re someone who wants your own vision realized, then starting a home from scratch will be the best path to pursue. But if you want to spend less and move in quickly, then buying one of the existing houses for sale in Marlboro, NJ will ultimately be the better idea.

Price and immediacy of moving in are far from the only advantages of buying an existing home. Here are some points to ponder if you’re on the fence about which type of property to buy.

Older homes are often built to last

There’s a good reason why older homes are still standing—they’re made of better quality materials. Of course, this isn’t true for all existing homes, but many of the ones available on the market were owned by loving homeowners who wanted their property to stand the test of time.

Older homes have innate charm

Many older homes reflect the trends of the times, which more often than not, give them a distinct personality. Compare that to the cookie-cutter homes being constructed these days, where one looks exactly the same as the other, and buying an existing home is shaping up to be the better prospect hands down.

You’ll have more money toward customization

Since an existing home allows you to save more money, you’ll have more room in your budget to transform it into one that suits your taste and personality. If you’re the creative type, then you’ll love the challenge that an older home offers regarding the many different ways that you can make the house truly your own.

Have you made your home buying decision yet?

To fully understand the benefits of buying an existing home, you need to ensure you’re partnered with an experienced real estate broker like Colleen Meyler. She can help you every step of the way, allowing you to understand your options. Get in touch with her at 732.995.5102 or email her at ColleenMeyler(at)gmail(dotted)com for more info.

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