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Are new construction homes worth it?

Anyone who’s ready to settle down and lay their roots will likely come across this question, “Should I buy an existing home or build my own from the ground up?” Now, one of the most common notions out there is that a new constructi...

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luxury house

Does it pay to buy a luxury home?

It is easy to become enchanted when you are buying a luxury home. The prospect of enjoying the finer things in life, like a gourmet kitchen, an Instagram-worthy garden, and other high-end amenities is hard to resist. But owning a luxury ho...

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Castles in New Jersey? Yes, they’re real!

You don't need to fly across oceans to see castles in real life. Living in New Jersey keeps you close to magnificent palaces that you can visit when you go sightseeing around the Garden State. It’s one of the reasons why the location is a...

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Is it wise to invest in luxury real estate?

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or someone who is just starting out, real estate is one of the best investment vehicles you can choose. In the general sense, investing in real estate enables you to generate returns over the long ha...

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