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Quick guide to selling a house in New Jersey

Planning to sell your home in New Jersey? You’ve come to the right place. In this page, we’ll take you through important steps in the home selling process and offer helpful tips on how to sell your house fast in NJ. Work with an expe...

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Great farmers’ markets to check out in New Jersey

New Jersey’s top-notch selection of community farmers’ markets offers the perfect place to buy fresh produce and other goods directly from local farmers. One of the best experiences you can enjoy when you’re living in New Jersey is in...

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Scenic horseback riding trails in New Jersey

One of the perks of living in New Jersey is getting easy access to numerous horseback riding trails and farms offering guided trail rides. Horseback riding trails in and around New Jersey are perfect for all ages and skill levels, and ...

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The Cost of a New Jersey Lifestyle

When it comes to cost of living, not all states are created equal. It should come as no surprise that life is pricier in coastal states than it is in middle America – and New Jersey is no exception. However, there are a lot of great advan...

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Food With a View: Waterfront Dining in New Jersey

For those living in New Jersey, the daily grind can be hectic. At the end of a tough shift or workweek, nothing beats taking advantage of the many available options for scenic waterfront dining. When it’s time to relax and enjoy something...

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Making Them Laugh: Standup Comedy Through the Years

Standup comedy is an art form that entertains people and makes them laugh till their stomach aches. It has been a staple in the United States for a number of decades, and New Jersey has played a pivotal role in its development. Let's take...

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What’s With the Migration Influx From NY to NJ?

In the past, there used to be a notion that NY was the cooler big brother of NJ. However, in recent times NJ appears to be stealing the spotlight. There has been a significant migration influx from NY to NJ, which has left many New Yorkers ...

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Tips For Moving Toward a Sustainable Lifestyle

A sustainable lifestyle is one that aims to minimize the harm caused to the environment. People are becoming more aware of the damage that our daily decisions can cause to mother nature. Earth’s resources are finite, and therefore it is c...

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"Hoboken, New Jersey, USA - October 31, 2012: Man standing on the flooded street is talking to someone left in the building, ambulance car in the background"

How Flood Zones Can Impact Property Values

Is your home located on the Jersey Shore, or near a river, creek, or other bodies of water? If so then it might be in a flood zone, even if it doesn’t have a history of flooding. To find out, check out this tool from the Federal Agenc...

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